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Domestic Sprinkler Systems

A domestic fire sprinkler system is designed for the residential environment. All the pipework is concealed in the floors and walls, and the sprinklers themselves are small, neat and blend in with the décor. They are available in a range of colours and finishes and even concealed models can now be obtained. The heads are connected through a system of pipes to the water mains or an alternative secure source of water. Most rooms require 1 or 2 sprinkler heads to afford complete protection.

The process of installation is similar to installing a central heating system, but with much less pipework, and thus less disruption.

Protect UK Ltd - Vision and Background

Protect UKs dedication and combined passion of its team are determined to eradicate the massive loss of life recorded each year in domestic property fires in the UK. This determination is enhanced by the close links to local fire and rescue services through the employment of family members as active serving firefighters.

Protect UK is one of the East Midland's market leaders in the design, supply and installation of fire sprinkler systems - protecting lives and property primarily in domestic properties. Working closely alongside their clients, as well as developers, architects, engineers and designers, Protect UK 
provide superior active fire protection systems for both new-build and existing properties.

Protect UKs systems are designed to be discreet and cost-effective; this is achieved by utilising state-of-the-art concealed sprinkler heads requiring low water flow rates and pressure.

The concept of domestic fire safety sprinklers is undoubtedly superb yet people often remain unsure of how they can be applied to their own projects. Protect UK’s unique experience and in-depth knowledge places it in prime position to liaise and negotiate with engineers, architects, developers and building control officers in order to move your projects forward. We can also provide a fire strategy and design a sprinkler system as well as install and maintain it.

Call Protect UK on 0115 9216 999 more information or to book a design consultation

Bedroom Fire Video